Your Campervan Conversion Questions

How much do van conversions cost?

You might think this is a 'get out' answer but the reality is... it can cost whatever you want it to.

If you opt for top of the range features the price is naturally going to soar. And you can likely do it yourself for a few thousand pounds.

Our customer campervan conversions are well priced and adaptable depending on your personality.

How do I re-register as a campervan with the DVLA

We've discussed why you might consider changing your registration to a campervan in the 'Are van conversions legal questions.' But now on to actually doing it..!

First off, your van must be currently registered as one of the following before the DVLA will consider changing your van's body type to motor caravan. Check your V5C logbook to see how your are registered.

You have to be one of these... Ambulance (if you've converted one we want to see!), Box Van, Goods, Insulated Van, Light Goods, Light Van, Livestock Carrier (again, let us see the pictures!), Luton Van, Minibus, Mpv (multi-Purpose Vehicle), Panel Van, Specially Fitted Van, Special Mobile Unit, Van with Side Windows.

Here is some guidance from the Government website.

And a checklist to make sure you've done all you can.

Once you have worked through that it is time to send off your documents to the DVLA and take a deep breath.

1 - change the classification of your vehicle depending on whether your logbook is the older style or the newer one.

2 - Print, complete and double check that you fulfill the DVLA motor caravan conversion checklist criteria.

3 - Attach a list of parts added to the van and perhaps a letter of explanation telling them what you have done.

4 - Take some nice interior photos of each of the required features with the bed and table in the use position. Remember the photos need to show that there are 2 or more windows providing daylight into the main living area on at least one side of the main body.

5 - Then it is time for the exterior photo shoot. This is one of the few cases when you want to make sure the number plate is clearly visible. Plus you'll want to take a photo showing the vehicle identification number (VIN) or the chassis number.

6 - On each photo, write a description of what the photo shows, with the date and the vehicle registration number. Make this all as easy as possible for them!

Now standby for your new logbook to arrive!

Don't wait by the mailbox as it may take 4 to 6 weeks.

And when that is confirmed you will need to change your insurance from panel van to motor home.

Now go and enjoy it - with a few more pennies in your pocket.

Which van conversion is best?

There is a big market for T5 and T6 VW Transporter van conversions. And it makes sense, they are a fantastic based vehicle to work with.

But you can create gorgeous, personality filled custom vans in other shapes and sizes... it just depends on how far your budget can stretch for your ideal van.

Do you have insurance?

Yes, Waverider are fully insured for the safe receipt and return of your van.

Can you convert a van into a camper DIY?

Of course you can!

If you have a great base vehicle and the DIY skills to match some hard graft can get you the campervan you desire.

We've worked with different briefs, different styles and different materials so we know a lot about layouts and trade-offs. That experience can be invaluable when you are out and about in nature.

Can I pay by credit card?

Yes you can but please be advised that there is a 1% surcharge on all credit card purchases.

What van should I buy for a campervan conversion?

Well that completely depends on your needs. We have worked with an assortment of vans and each can be turned into an amazing camper. However, there is a reason that the Volkswagen T5 and the T6 can be seen with their pop up roofs in all campsites, they make for a great base van for a conversion.

If you are looking for something slightly different, but think the T5 or T6 van is the right size for you, then consider the Ford Transit Custom. It is another fantastic base van to work with and can be customised into your perfect van conversion.

Is there a van delivery and collection service?

We provide a collection and re-delivery of vehicle service for £350 (anywhere in the UK)

Do you do T5 campervan conversions and T6 campervan conversions?

Yes we do, and they make up some of our favourite campervan conversion projects. The Volkswagen T5 and T6 make for fantastic base vans, allow for a customisable and personalised space and will be your reliable companion on your explorations for many years to come.

Check out our pages dedicated to the T5 and T6 here.

Or see all of our conversions on our gallery page here.

Are van conversions legal?

Yes it is legal and you might choose to re-register your van as a “motor caravan" because in some cases that means you'll get some benefits.

First, cheaper insurance. That's a good start isn't it! Because they are more likely cruising along remote roads in the countryside rather than in the city, campers have fewer claims than vans for work purposes. Throw in the fact they do less miles and you'll likely get a cheaper deal on your insurance. In some cases it can be up to 50%.

On top of this the nature of campers means you'll have personal contents in there rather than commercial tools and the like. So you may get a better contents insurance deal too.

You may not have ever had to consider that bigger, bulkier vehicles have a speed limiter on them. If your van is clocked with an unladen weight under 3050kg it is 60mph for you. Campervans similar on the weigh in can expect to travel at 70mph. But if you have a 3500kg van then no change will be applied.

Your MOT will likely come in cheaper as campervans 'as they are presented' are considered Class IV vehicles.

A number of ferry companies use what is said in the DVLA logbook to determine how to price your ride across the channel (other seas are available.) And it is likely to be cheaper than your conventional, commercial van.

How's that for a few good reasons? 


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